Appointment news: Oneway Bike expands marketing department

Oneway Bike has expanded its marketing department with the appointment of Rutger Schellevis.

Schellevis started working at the company last December and will be responsible within the department for online marketing and e-commerce, among other things.

“I’ve been road racing for both elite and continental teams for over 12 years and still enjoy getting on my bike in my spare time,” said Schellevis. “Although I have previously worked in the automotive industry, my passion is cycling. Oneway offers premium brands with a strong story, such as Cube, SQlab and Ere Research. I am looking forward to conveying these stories to our customers in a creative way.”

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Carola Noordermeer, head of marketing, added: “We see that the market share of our brands continues to increase. Sufficient manpower is needed to anticipate this growth. We have a lot of marketing campaigns planned for the coming year. With Rutger’s experience in the cycling industry and with online marketing, we can set up these campaigns and more. We are very happy that Rutger has joined our company so that we can make our brands even more visible.”

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