Design icons galore as Apple films Rapha's head of design

Apple shoots Rapha profile with Sir Norman Foster on an iPhone

How many design gurus can you fit in one short iPhone-shot film? At least three, it seems. Apple visited Imperial Works, Rapha’s headquarters in London, to make a short film about Alex Valdman, the cycle clothing company’s head of design, and the Cupertino company also included footage of world-famous architect Sir Norman Foster alongside Simon Mottram, founder and CEO of Rapha.

Sir Norman – a cyclist – is shown trying on a Rapha jacket. The film does not mention or caption the presence of Sir Norman or Mottram. Instead, the film, shot by Apple on iPhone, majors on Valdman cycling to work and then using an iPad Pro to help visualise Rapha’s clothing designs. 

Valdman was born in the former Soviet Union but grew up in the United States. He previously worked as a designer for Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco.

Earlier this year Valdman was included in a global press release annoncing the new iPad Pro.

“I’ve done everything including designing the latest cycling collection on iPad Pro,” said Valdman, in March. “It goes with me everywhere, and has not only replaced my laptop, but my paper notebook as well. For the Rapha design team, iPad Pro will become standard issue.”

Valdman has been with Rapha since 2014.

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