'People power' reports also designed to keep users in loop on availability of bikes

Android Cycle Hire app now available

Android application developer Little Fluffy Toys has announced the availability of a new, free-to-download cycle hire app.

The twist with this one, however, is that the firm has addressed the issue of availability with a ‘people power’ style reporting system to be communicated among its users.

The developer’s website states: "The free application directs users to their nearest cycle hire location. Uniquely among London cycle hire applications, Cycle Hire Widget features ‘crowd sourcing’ to display the cycle availability at the hire locations, solving the biggest omission at the scheme’s launch: that no third-party developer has access to the number of available bikes at each hire location."

To install the dock location application, search the Android Market for ‘Cycle Hire Widget’. If your phone has a barcode reader, the application can also be ‘scanned in’ at the Little Fluffy Toys website.

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