Spanish bike builder Orbea has said it is upset about the story about the ETA bomb that exploded Saturday night outside the BH bike factory in the Basque region of Spain. apologises for the upset caused.

An apology to Orbea

The news story said the BH factory was likely targeted by ETA, the Basque armed separatist group, and that there’s another bike builder in the same region, Orbea.

It was noted that Orbea started life as a gun factory prior to the Second World War.

Miguel Ocaña of Orbea writes:

"We don’t really understand the sense of this information when you are mixing bombs, BH, Orbea, guns. We are really upset about Orbea name appearing connected with this case.

"I can add that, as soon as I hear news about it, I called Jose Antonio Gomez, the general manager of BH to offer our help if necessary and to show them our support."

The bit about the gun factory was added as a minor historical point and has been previously been carried in BicycleBusiness, the trade mag of It was not meant to infer that Orbea is somehow connected to ETA. It has been removed from the original story.

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