First comprehensive study by the Gluskin Townley Group finds both non cyclists and enthusiasts visiting bricks and mortar stores less

American Bicyclist Study finds US bike shops visits to be in decline

A study by the Gluskin Townley Group has revealed front line bicycle retail in America to be in gradual decline in terms of footfall in store.

“One of the key changes uncovered by the American Bicyclist Study that may prove ominous for the bike shop channel of trade in the US is that the average number of visits to bike shops is down across the board compared to twelve years ago," said Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the Gluskin Townley Group in announcing the publication of the second report, The Cycling Consumer of the three volume American Bicyclist Study.

"Overall, the average number of visits dropped one full visit since 2000 from three visits to two visits. Of more concern is the number of visits made to a bike shop by Enthusiasts dropped 24 per cent from nearly ten visits per year in 2000, to seven visits per year in 2012.” 

The first report in the subscription series, The Generations was released to subscribers in late September.

Gluskin concludes: “Another important change relates to the total number of adult bicycle owners, which increased only two percent from 24.8 million in 2000 to 25.3 million in 2012 – however, this growth of just 531,000 adult bicycle owners was driven by an increase in the number of infrequent bicyclists, the lowest in overall miles ridden, visits to bike shops and average price paid for their last new bicycle. The top three clusters, enthusiasts, ‘moving ups’ and casuals declined three to nine percent in the number of adult bicycle owners during the period.”

Industry suppliers and bike shops interested in learning more about signing up for an American Bicyclist Study subscription can visit The full report is said to be ‘affordably priced’ for suppliers and bike shops who may enquire via the website.

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