credit: Amazon
credit: Amazon

Amazon, UPS and DHL to test cargo bikes in New York

New York City will launch an initiative to encourage freight companies to reduce delivery-related congestion through the use of cargo bicycles.

The Commercial Cargo Bike Program, introduced in time for the holiday shopping season, should reduce traffic by bringing an estimated 100 cargo bikes from major delivery companies to the city’s most crowded streets in midtown and downtown Manhattan.

DOT has targeted some of the largest operators, including UPS, DHL, and Amazon, but any freight company is encouraged to participate in the programme.

“Amazon recently made a commitment through The Climate Pledge to reach net-zero carbon by 2040 — ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement,” said Amazon vice president of speciality fulfilment, Rebecca Gansert.

“We are doing a number of things across the company to reduce carbon emissions, and introducing a fleet of e-cargo bikes in New York City is the latest example.

“We’re starting with 90 bikes and plan to significantly grow that number in the coming months. We appreciate the city of New York and its support of innovative programmes to bring more sustainable delivery options to the city.”

The programme’s goal is to better understand whether cargo bicycles can successfully fit into the city’s streetscape. Companies participating will monitor and send data to DOT about the speed, parking, use of bike lanes, and size of the cargo bicycles. DOT will use the information to consider adjustments of its rules regarding cargo bicycle’s speed, parking rates, and size.

“New Yorkers demand immediate results – whether that’s getting a package delivered or getting around the city,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This is an exciting new programme that will help cut congestion on our streets and speed up deliveries, all while reducing vehicle emissions.”

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