Alligt launches new front chainwheel

Alligt has made a new, lightweight 70 teeth chain wheel with a fixed protective edge on both sides.

According to LEVA-EU member Alligt, it is at least 20% lighter than its other variants. So far, the chain wheels had been milled from one piece of 15mm thick aluminium but Alligt has now reviewed that process and was able to “considerably improve it”.

The new chainwheel has been made of one injection-moulded piece of high-quality plastic and is specially designed for recumbents with a 20in rear wheel.

“Due to the increasing use of cassettes with ever more gears and a bigger range, the need for front gears has decreased,” said a statement. “Consequently, a growing variety of vehicles have only one chainwheel in the front. Therefore, a derailleur that guides the chain is no longer needed, whilst the chain can come off more easily. Hence the increased need for two fixed protective edges on the chain wheel.”

The consumer price of the new Alligt chainwheel is €120.

The plastic injection-moulded chain wheel with integrated double protective edge is available to be fixed on the crank with a 110 and 130mm pitch circle with five holes, as well as for the Bafang mid-engine with 60mm pitch circle with five holes.

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