President Bush may ride a Trek MTB but Chang Sheng-kai, Taiwanese owner of the CSK brand of high-end bikes, is proud that Dubya's secret service out-riders are equipped with red, white and blue CSK bikes.

All the President’s men…ride Taiwanese bikes

"Next time you see [George W.] Bush riding his bike, look at the two guys riding along next to him and you’ll see they’re riding CSK bikes," Chang Sheng-kai told the Taipei Times.

CSK bikes are used by national road teams of Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and South Africa.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Chang Sheng-kai was Taiwan’s best cyclist, a two times winner of the Asia road race Championships and Asia track champion, too. Following his racing career he opened a bike shop. This was destroyed five years ago by an earthquake.

It was this loss which made him turn his hand to creating a bike brand.

"I turned a crisis into an opportunity," he told the Taipei Times.

CSK makes just 1000 frames a year.

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