Yorkshire cycle retailer All Terrain Cycles has invested £30,000 in tech designed to enable technicians to fit bikes to riders' needs.

All Terrain Cycles invests £30,000 in high tech bike fitting

Yorkshire cycle retailer All Terrain Cycles has invested £30,000 in the latest technology to enable its specially trained technicians to custom fit bicycles to riders’ specific needs.

The company claim the service will improve comfort, control and performance for riders, as well as minimising injuries.

Available to customers at its superstores in Salt’s Mill, Shipley, and in Wetherby, the new bike fit studio features a fully adjustable jig giving the flexibility to assess and easily adjust every aspect of the rider/bike interface, including crank length, saddle angle and handlebar width, in order to create the optimum riding position. 

This geometry can then be replicated on the customer’s own bike to ensure it is set up to their exact personal requirements taking into account body proportions and what the rider wants from the bike. The jig can also be used to replicate the geometry of a specific bike, so that customers can try different sizes of bikes even if they’re not in stock.

“Cycling enthusiasts are becoming increasingly serious about optimising performance and the starting point, of course, is to ensure the bike fits properly from choosing the right frame size through to the correct adjustment of all the contact points,” explains bike fit technician Chris Williams who has worked for All Terrain Cycles for five years.

“As in many sports, science is being used to improve the process and this high tech jig, one of just a few in Yorkshire, enables us to easily make adjustments and tailor the bike to exactly meet the rider’s needs. Whether customers are investing in a new bike or simply want to get more from their existing bike, a comprehensive fit can make a huge difference curing a host of problems from sore neck and back, knee pain and uncomfortable saddle to numb hands.”

The personalised bike fit analyses the rider’s current bike set up and also looks at their body dimensions, flexibility and core strength in order to achieve the ideal riding position.

Tony Booth, managing director of All Terrain Cycles, adds: “As riders prepare for a summer of cycling, our new precision bike fit jig is already being put to good use with our trained technicians, many of whom have ridden at a semi-professional level, using their knowledge, combined with the latest technology, to ensure maximum comfort on the bike, so giving better performance.”

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