Alex Rowling: Preparing for developments in road cycling

Continually evolving road bike technology and resultant obsolescence of product is a constant trial for the Tifosi design team.

Although it’s challenging for us, we have to plan to accommodate the trade’s rapidly emerging trends as best we can – using the mostup-to- date technologies in an intelligent way is a top priority.

A good example of the forward-looking approach we’ve decided to take is our headsets. There are currently 19 different internal dimensions for headtubes with countless headset and fork options available for each. We felt it was important that the headtube

in our 2018 CK7 range be designed to be ultra-compatible and versatile. Choosing to focus on these qualities ensures that any given unit will be futureproofed for upcoming developments to a product base. We have chosen to adopt this progressive ethos across our entire range – from thru axles to bottom brackets – to ensure our customers will be happy on their Tifosi bikes for years to come.

As retail evolves, supply is becoming an increasingly difficult aspect of retailers daily operations

We’ve also noted that as retail evolves, supply is becoming an increasingly difficult aspect of retailers’ daily operations. It’s been vital to consider ways to address these issues to ensure the continued success of the brand. We identified three key ways to ease the burden on the IBD, and have incorporated those into how we deal with our partners. As a result, we choose not to insist on large buy-ins for new stockists, and we support the retailer with 24-hour delivery on an in-stock range to help satisfy an impatient consumer supply channel. Additionally, fully customisable bikes are supplied if required and all bikes are supplied already assembled and ready to ride from the box.

Preserving a brand’s fundamental ethos is also central to preparing for the future. Because we strongly believe that Tifosi has always been synonymous with great-value bikes, we have increased our focus on the premium road models over the last two years, whilst maintaining our “excellent value” ethos for the consumer and the retailer alike.

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