Alé manufactures medical coats for hospitals

Alé has put its facilities at the service of a well-known Italian company for the sewing and packing of medical coats.

The medical garments, which will be donated to hospitals, are certified EU 1196200141 for protection from biological agents. For now, the initiative is a small contribution but Alessia Piccolo, CEO of APG, the company that owns the Alé brand, said Alé ‘would not want to stop here’.

“95% of our production of cycling garments takes place in Italy, in our factories in Bonferraro near Verona: we have a state-of-the-art facility that, at times like this, it is our duty to make available for the community,” said Piccolo. “These medical coats are a small step, but they make us infinitely proud.

“The pandemic highlighted how, for example from the medical supply point of view, the Italian supply chain represented the real weak link in the chain. I’m ready to make our factories available, from cutting, sewing, packaging and printing, to meet the most urgent needs, as we have done for these suits.

“Alé, though, can do much more but the industry needs to get back on track. Indeed, our economy must restart immediately. Our factory and our facilities are already equipped with all the necessary features to be able to do it. Only in this way will we be able to work and further help and get out of this emergency quickly.”

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