“Air pollution accounts for 40,000 deaths per year”

21st June marks Clean Air Day in the UK. 

Coordinated by Global Action Plan, the day aims to shed a light on the pressing threat of pollution on the environment and the issues it poses to future generations. 

Speaking on the issue, CEO and founder of free2cycle Eric Craig commented: “Air pollution is harming both our environment and our health, accounting for 40,000 deaths per year. Initiatives such as Clean Air Day are absolutely vital in helping to raise awareness and most importantly, for driving change. We need to take a look at our commuting habits and shake things up. 

"This means ditching the car, bus or train and trying a more active commute – even if it’s just one day a week to start. An active commute will create a virtuous cycle – less carbon is emitted, less noise pollution generated and our bodies and minds benefit through increased activity," he added. 

“By changing our behaviour now we won’t only see the benefit for ourselves, but also leave a cleaner, healthier legacy for our children and grandchildren’s generations. We need air to breathe, but when it’s simultaneously poisoning us, drastic measures must be taken. We’re calling on employers to partner with us, and engage their team members about their commutes, to encourage as many as possible to get pedalling or walking to cut down the number of vehicles on the road, and reduce carbon emissions. 

"At free2cycle, we’re committed to enabling this behaviour change, making it easy and accessible for everyone to get and stay active. A physical commute doesn’t just help the environment – it makes people fitter, more productive and helps mental wellbeing too. It’s a win-win for all so let’s get bum out of seats and into saddles, come join us and give it a go!” Craig concluded.

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