AI ‘increases efficiency’ of micromobility schemes

Stage Intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform provider for mobility and logistics, has launched its BICO Performance Report 2019, showing the impact of AI on micromobility schemes across the globe.

The report has revealed that AI can be a ‘driver’ for both enhanced user experience as well as increased operational efficiency, and it can solve operators’ challenges around revenue growth while also reducing costs.  Stage Intelligence’s BICO AI optimisation platform enables operators to visualise, automate and optimise their micromobility schemes.

BICO is live across three continents, seven countries and 12 cities handling 40,000 bikes a day of which 15,000 are electric. In 2018, the BICO platform has reduced distribution hours and miles covered by distribution trucks by 20% leading to a 20-tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Schemes were able to deliver a 98% availability and increase rides per bike per day by two, enabling them to maximise the potential of their scheme.

Schemes that have deployed BICO on average have seen 98% usability, 94.5% availability, 30% reduction of bikes moved, 20% reduction of redistribution trucks required and 25% reduction of rebalancing jobs.

“Micromobility schemes can be complex to manage, costly to operate and difficult to grow. That puts limits on the impact micromobility can have for citizens and cities. When an operator deploys an AI-based solution, they transform their operations and increase the health and sustainability of their schemes,” said Tom Nutley, CEO at Stage Intelligence.

“Our data shows the impact that AI is having in the real world. It is solving the most pressing challenges operators face while making it easier for users to make micromobility part of their daily routine. Operators need an intelligent foundation for delivering the next-generation of micromobility and offering new users experiences. The ones that will be successful will be armed with new intelligence, data visualisation, real-time decision-making, optimized resources and have the freedom to grow and innovate.”

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