Sustrans lauds the 'crossrail for bikes' news from the Mayor this morning

Advocates gives thumbs up to Boris’ billion pound London cycle plan

This morning saw the publication of the Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling – including a £913million investment over ten years.

Johnson said: "The Mayor said "Cycling will be treated not as niche, marginal, or an afterthought, but as what it is: an integral part of the transport network, with the capital spending, road space and traffic planners’ attention befitting that role."

Sustrans has been first off the mark in praising the move, but will doubtless be joined by others over the course of the day.

Sustrans London director German Dector-Vega said: “It’s great to see cycling being championed by politicians like Boris Johnson, particularly as fuel prices rise and we struggle to find opportunities to live healthy lives.

“The London experience shows that real progress can be made through committed political leadership that listens to the voice of cyclists and creates a long-term vision for cycling.

“The Mayor’s latest plans include a raft of ideas that will help cycling become a genuine choice for getting around, particularly new riders and those in outer London.

“As ever, the devil will be in the detail and Sustrans looks forward to working with the Mayor, local authorities, Transport for London and cyclists themselves to ensure we grasp every opportunity to make our roads safer, our cycle network better and, crucially, train and inspire more Londoners get on their bikes.”

Sustrans’ own vision for cycling in the capital, Connect London, was published in January and contains many of the elements laid out in the Mayor’s new plans, such as an extensive network of quieter roads.

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