Recumbent bicycle label from designer of Chris Boardman's '96 Olympic medal winning ride sold on

Advanced Velo Designs takes over Mike Burrows’ WindCheetah

Advanced Velo Designs has taken over the Mike Burrows owned Wincheetah label, re-locating its production in the process.

Telling BikeBiz that ‘further Burrows designs will shortly join the portfolio’, Advanced Velo Design will now handle the recumbent’s production in Lancashire.

Karl Sparenberg, owner of AVD, said: “The Windcheetah has always been regarded as the most uncompromising high performance trike on the market and in pure performance terms it would be hard to improve on Mike’s classic design. However, the workshop re-location offers an opportunity to overhaul and improve the Windcheetah manufacturing methods, which in turn will bring improvement in engineering quality. With this in mind we have invested in new jigs and production tooling to improve the consistency and quality of the product. The Windcheetah will remain a hand built product, manufactured in the UK to very high engineering standards.

"A major part of the appeal of a Windcheetah is the superbly engineered chassis built by artisan engineers. Our customers know that when they order a Windcheetah it will be a hand built machine, manufactured up to a specification and not down to a price. An increasing number of customers also appreciate our policy of sourcing as much as we can locally. From an environmental viewpoint it would be hard to justify having our frames made in Asia, importing them to the UK for assembly and then shipping them back to our markets in America, Europe and Australia. It isn’t possible to source every component in the UK but where possible we do."

The Windcheetah (or as it is endearingly known the ‘Windy’ or ‘Speedy’) was designed by Mike Burrows, who also designed the ‘monocoque bike’ ridden to 1996 Olympic gold by Chris Boardman. An enclosed Windcheetah also holds claim to the fastest ‘human powered’ journey from Lands End to John O’Groats, conquering the 861-mile end to end challenge in 41 hours, 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

Find out more about Advanced Velo Designs here.

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