Ticalium combines aluminum with titanium and carbon to produce a super-hard extrusion that is designed to increase the strength, hardness and wear resistance of aluminum. It would be perfect for bicycle frames, said the Adal Group.

Adal files patent for ‘Ticalium’, a metal matrix composite

Dr. Cem Selcuk, Adal Group’s project manager for Ticalium said: "We believe that the possibilities for applications are immense."

"Just for comparison with another strong material, white cast iron has a tensile strength of approximately 250 MPa (Mega Pascals) and is also brittle, whereas Ticalium has a higher strength of about 330 MPa together with a greater stiffness while exhibiting greater lightness according to third party testing."

The precise content of reinforcement in the composite can be varied to suit the application. A typical addition level is in the range 5-15wt%, said the Adal Group.

The company said the material would be perfect for brake discs and drums in the automotive industry; train wheels, and bicycle frames.

Adal Group, Inc., based in the UK, is a global producer of aluminum extrusions, and precision engineered parts.


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