It turns out that one day outside of an enclosed tube of smelly armpits does wonders for your health

Active commuters in London not that bothered by #tubestrike

‘They’ says that cyclists can be a little smug at times, and today, if the #tubestrike hashtag on Twitter is anything to go by, ‘they’ will see plenty of evidence to show why that very occassionally can be true.

Thousands more cyclists hit the roads this morning in the sunshine and will undoubtedly arrive at their destinations quicker than expected, having seen the sights, felt the health benefits, breathed the fresh… ok scrap that and arrived happier.

Regular cyclists, such as the BBC’s Jeremy Vine are even stuck in traffic, though happily with less exhaust fumes. The BBC has, however, reported one slight downside if you’re a regular hire bike user – the surge in demand for Santander Hire Bikes has caused problems on the return journey, with commuters queuing to dock bikes. That could be a plus if you’re a bike shop, though:

As Described by Vine: "(The) #tubestrike gave us a vision of London in 2030, almost everyone cycling."

It turns out that those commuting around London who are (not for the first time and probably not for the last) choosing alternative travel are loving every second. Need tips to help you get started? has you covered.

It’s even become a marketing opportunity for on the ball companies, with Unilever’s Sure brand promoting this alternative tube map:

Last week it was the hot weather causing a near 2,000% spike in Gumtree Brompton searches, today searches are up 400% already.

Gym chain Fitness First are offering commuters free showers and gym classes.

"Fitness First is encouraging commuters across the capital to make the most of the 24 hour tube strike by offering free showers and training sessions across all its London gyms," it said.

"Walk, run or cycle to and from work tomorrow and show your Oyster Card in your nearest Fitness First club so you can shower off or train in the gym free of charge – meaning there really is no excuses not to get your workout done this week." 

Decided to walk? An alternative tube map with times between each station pencilled on has now been created:

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