The long-running agreement between the Association of Cycle Traders and the UK trade magazine Cycle Industry has come to an end. Cycle Industry is now a requested readership magazine, unlike BicycleBusiness and BTI, both of which go out free of charge to the whole UK bicycle trade

ACT kicks Cycle Industry into touch

Cycle Industry owner Mark Allen has written to ACT members telling them they will no longer automatically receive the magazine.

I am very sorry to give you this news, wrote Allen.

However, all is not lost, if you complete and return the enclosed form in the next 5 days your receipt of Cycle Industry will continue.

The ACT has paid £1000 per year to Mark Allen Publishing since 1995. For this, every member of the ACT currently standing at 860 shops got a free copy of Cycle Industry.

The association pays no fee to the publishers of BicycleBusiness and BTI.

An ACT board member said this imbalance is at the root of the decision to pull the rug on Cycle Industry.

Last year Mark Allen Publishing moved the goalposts and said anybody could receive a free copy of Cycle Industry. So why were we paying £1000?

The other publishers recognise the ACT is run as a service to members. Why should we use our member’s money to fund one publisher, but not the other two?

Members were no longer getting value for money. Cycle Industry has been coming out sporadically and has been getting thinner and thinner. They were carrying stories that were often months out of date. We have to spend our member’s money wisely.

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