In the latest CTC magazine there's an ad for a puncture-free tyre company. Opposite is a article where Mike Burrows says 'solid' tyres should never ever even be considered. Oops.

Accidental juxtaposition? Or couldn’t they Kairless?

On page 54 of the April/May ‘Cycle Touring and Campaigning’ there’s a quarter page ad for Kairfree Ltd, the suppliers of Kairfree puncture proof inner tubes and tyre liners.

On page 55 an extract from Mike Burrows book on cycle design says "Solid tyres. A tyre that won’t puncture seems like a jolly good idea. In fact, of all the bad things you can do to your bicycle, this is just about the worst."

Burrows then expounds at length on the drawbacks of fitting non-pneumatic tyres. His argument is perhaps weakened, though, when he says no doubt tongue in cheek that punctures ain’t all bad:

"The best thing about cycling is the variety ot brings to your life, for you cannot enjoy the good days without bad ones to serve as a contast."


Magazines, being independent animals, often feature such opposing juxtapositions. There’s a beaut in the latest ‘BicycleBusiness’, that landed with most people today. I’ll say no more than that…

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