Early summer weather spells results boost for bike giant

Accell reports growth for e-bike and sports bikes in 2011

Bike brand owner Accell has reported a rise in turnover and sales for the start of 2011.

Turnover of frames as well as components and accessories have increased according to the firm, which hasn’t published specific figures to back the statement.

Accell’s brand line-up includes Lapierre, Winora, Ghost, Haibike, Koga, XLC, Redline, Staiger, among others.

René Takens, Accell Group chairman of the board said: “The trend that cycling is very popular persists and bike use increases for purposes of commuter traffic, recreation and health.

“Besides a further decline in the sale of traditional bikes, the turnover of sports bicycles and e-bikes grows.

“Electric bicycles have become an integral part of cycling in the Netherlands and in Germany with an increasing number of different models being available. The weather is, for us, important. Bicycle markets has thus far been better for our bicycle sales when compared with last year. We maintain our outlook for 2011 and expect a further increase in turnover and result, barring unforeseen circumstances.”

Shimano has also reported a strong start to 2011.

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