Accell Group launches new video showing how ‘cycling moves the world forward’

Bicycle manufacturer Accell Group has launched its ‘new purpose’ with an online video featuring the company’s staff showing how ‘cycling moves the world forward’.

Its plants in Heerenveen, which produce bicycles for the European market, are also transitioning to solar energy in 2021. The move will result in a reduction of more than 1,100 tonnes in CO2 emissions each year, the company said.

These initiatives are part of Accell’s sustainability policy, which is aimed at having all its own production plants operating 100% on sustainable energy in 2030.

Accell Group CEO Ton Anbeek said: “The developments in recent months have once again underlined the importance of making sustainable operations the standard. This is why we have tightened our sustainability policy and recently included sustainability targets in the remuneration structure for our senior management.

“Our new purpose is a seamless fit with the fact that cycling moves the world forward; we truly are part of the solution. Cycling is the most sustainable mode of transport and an indispensable link for accessible and liveable cities and villages. Not to mention the fact that the production of bicycles requires fewer materials than any other vehicle.

“Cycling also contributes to a better life, as exercising more makes you happier and fitter. On top of that, cyclists thoroughly enjoy spending their days outdoors.”

Read the September issue of BikeBiz below:

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