Firm releases more lifestyle-focused and women-specific product

Abus sets its sights on the female market

Speaking to BikeBiz, Abus revealed that the UK bicycle market has performed strongly throughout the recession.

Abus saw sales rise 38 per cent over the last year in the territory:

“I think the whole industry was nervous," said Abus area sales and marketing manager Axel Rosler.

"The financial crisis was in the news everyday, scaring consumers and at the end of 2008 nobody knew what would happen.

"It was good for Abus to stand in so many sectors as some suffered under the financial crisis more than others – like the motorbike business. Luckily, and surprisingly, the whole UK bicycle market, and in all other countries, was pretty much recession-proof.”

Growing success has led the firm to continue to develop its product offering, particularly in the female-specific market:

“If you look at the UK you don’t see so much women- specific cycle product, especially bags," Rosler told BikeBiz, "This is where we have been successful with the Lyria range which features modern designs, KLICKfix brackets and rubber buttons so they stand easily on the ground.”

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