Shimano Dura-Ace HG901 11spd with GRAPHENlube

absoluteBLACK now offering two chains coated with GRAPHENlube

After the Le Tour de France race, many questions arose on the application of our GRAPHENlube to the chains on the ProTour teams.

Unfortunately, we can’t share this knowledge due to the complexity of the whole process, the requirement of custom equipment and proprietary expertise that we have obtained during the R&D work on the lube. Therefore, for a limited time, we have decided to give wider-public access to prepared chains to enjoy the same level of performance as the pros.

Why are these chains so special?
During our work on the lube development, we have learned that the initial application of any liquid lubricant has a profound impact on chain performance and friction. It also depends on how well you strip the chain from the factory anti-rust substance. For this reason, we have developed our process for the ProTour teams to squeeze extra precious watts on top of the best performing lube.

With “at home” lubricating methods or ultrasonic application, you can achieve great results, if done correctly. But, this process is simply on another level of performance.

The process
We use a proprietary vacuum-ultrasonic process to strip the chain from factory grease as it is incredibly important not to leave any oily substance on the pins. Then the chain is oven-dried to avoid potential metal oxidation. Once cooled, we apply the GRAPHENlube in another proprietary, multi-stage vacuum process which guarantees complete coating inside the chain links.

This process differs us from everyone else. With the use of special high-vacuum-chambers, we not only make sure that lubricant itself does not contain any air bubbles trapped in it, but also is a guarantee that the chain is 100% coated on the pins. The use of high-vacuum ensures that the air in between the gaps is replaced with the lubricant, making it faster and long-lasting.

SRAM Red AXS 12spd with GRAPHENlube

Typical ultrasonic services or homemade application will not provide the same level of lube penetration. We envisage a very fast industry switch in services from ultrasonic to vacuum from now on.

Another advantage of our chains is that they are also vacuum packed to retain the precise level of moisture. Our packaging allows the chain storage for a prolonged period with guaranteed top-level performance; this is especially important when you race.

Most cyclists don’t know this, but waxes in general and certain additives prefer a slightly humid environment. If your chain is stored at home without vacuum-packaging for a prolonged period, the wax will dry and increase in friction. There is also the metal-oxidation risk that increases friction. Frequently using the chain on the bike is not the same as the chain stored away in a box without any movement.

The specially treated chains are only available to purchase on absoluteBLACK’s website.

There are two models on offer: Shimano Dura-Ace HG901 11spd and SRAM Red AXS 12spd.

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