absoluteBLACK launches Oval Boost direct mount chainring for SRAM in PVD rainbow

absoluteBLACK has launched the Oval Boost direct mount chainring for SRAM in PVD rainbow.

The coating itself is “extremely hard and exhibits very low friction coefficient”, said the brand, making the chainring “last longer and at the same time adding some flare to the look”. It’s a very similar coating to the one seen on SRAM top of the range cassettes or chains, it added.

“But creating such coating on aluminium parts like chainrings is extremely tricky because the process itself requires a specially prepared “clean room” grade, spotless clean chainrings, and then proprietary process to get the colours right whilst having at the same time correct coating thickness,” said a statement.

“Because of all those challenges, such process costs considerably more than the anodising, but we believe the look is worth the added cost.”


Read the September issue of BikeBiz below:

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