Absoluteblack launches Hollowcage for SRAM eTap AXS

Absoluteblack is today launching the Hollowcage for SRAM eTap AXS.

It shares a very similar design to the Shimano model launched last September using the same mono-plate cage design, however, it did take the brand longer to develop it for SRAM because it wanted to address one specific issue many riders struggle with – the excessive noise.

SRAM eTap AXS, especially the Force model, is known to be much louder than other drivetrains on the market, said Absoluteblack.

The Hollowcage with Silent “Xring Pulley” eliminates this problem by dampening the chain at the upper pulley, instead of cassette, so when engaging with the cassette it reduces the noise by over 60%. This system differs from the Shimano version because the upper pulley is engaged this time by a flat portion of the flat top chain, requiring a different technical solution.

To find out how big of a difference the Xring pulley makes to the eTap AXS drivetrain, please watch the video below:

“Hollowcage for eTap AXS Red and Force 12spd derailleurs finally makes your AXS drivetrain whisper quiet,” said a statement. “Our revolutionary mono-plate OSPW is the quietest and best shifting oversized derailleur cage for eTap AXS created to date. Hollowcage OSPW has a carbon-polymer mono-plate construction with bespoke, oversized, full ceramic bearings and the most advanced silencing pulleys ever made.

“SRAM eTap AXS is known to be louder than other drivetrains. Our Hollowcage with Silent “Xring Pulley” completely eliminates this problem allowing you to enjoy the ride.”

The Hollowcage for SRAM eTap AXS is available now. MSRP: €499, £429, $579. To find out more, visit absoluteblack.cc/hollowcage-carbon-ceramic-oversized-derailleur-pulley-ospw-sram-axs.

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Absoluteblack says it is the largest manufacturer of oval chainrings in the world. Its design office is based in London, and all metal components are manufactured and dispatched from Poland using German aluminium, then anodized in the UK.

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