Absolute Cycling to launch on Indiegogo

Absolute Cycling, a new brand from The Netherlands, is to launch on Indiegogo later this month.

It has developed a patented disruptive new Absolute Positioning Technology (APT) that is accurate within two metres, even in harsh conditions such as forests and tunnels, the brand has said. It also works for short periods of time after losing a satellite connection.

Absolute Cycling will be launching its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on 18th June. Backers can support the brand by pre-ordering the Absolute Cycling One so it can start with the production phase.

The brand has said it expects to deliver the first 100 Absolute Cycling One computers by Christmas this year. In March 2020, the Absolute Cycling One will be for sale on the market.

Absolute Cycling is giving BikeBiz readers a special perk with discount on the following link.

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