AA’s Cyclist’s Highway Code produced with help from BikeBiz.

AA publishes Cyclist’s Highway Code

The AA has published the first ever Cyclist’s Highway Code, and it did so with the help of BikeBiz. The publication’s foreword was written by BikeBiz executive editor Carlton Reid, and he also checked the book for accuracy. The AA Cyclist’s Highway Code contains the cycling-specific information from the standard Highway Code as well as cycle maintenance tips and guidance for new cyclists based on Bikeability teachings. 

British Cycling’s Chris Boardman welcomed the book: “The bicycle is such a simple tool, but one which can improve your health, reduce congestion and make our towns and cities more liveable. British Cycling welcomes the AA Cyclist’s Highway Code as it should encourage new cyclists and help parents get their children into cycling.”

The new AA Cyclist’s Highway Code has been designed as a companion guide for cyclists and parents of children learning to ride safely. It also includes sections on buying a bike, cycle care and choosing accessories.

Reid said: "I welcome the AA’s Cyclist’s Highway Code. It is practical, timely and useful – and it’s also an indication that more and more people are taking up cycling, for transport, for leisure, and most definitely for pleasure."

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Cyclists and drivers are often the same people and the Highway Code is important whether you are on two wheels or four.

“I am grateful to cycling expert Carlton Reid, executive editor of BikeBiz magazine, who has helped to check this publication in terms of good advice and accuracy.

The AA Cyclist’s Highway Code costs £4.99.

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