Two wheels figure highly in kids' summer holiday plans, survey finds

A quarter of children expect a new bike this summer

Youth research specialist Dubit has found that the London 2012 Olympics are figuring highly in the minds of UK children, according to a Toy News report.

Taking in the views of children in the age bracket of six-to-12, the survey asked whether they were hoping to receive new sporting goods, sports kit, normal clothing, bags, toys and flags this summer. They were also quizzed on how branding with the summer’s sporting events would influence them.

An encouraging 99 per cent of the children surveyed said they expected to play outside this summer ‘loads’ (70 per cent) or ‘sometimes’ (29 per cent).

The majority said they expected to ride their bike (80 per cent), with one per cent more saying they would play ball games, perhaps influenced by the summer’s other big sporting tournament, Euro 2012. A quarter of children are anticipating a new bike, while 15 per cent anticipate the arrival of a new scooter.

Around 500 children were surveyed.

Read the full research, including how London 2012 branding may influence purchases, over on Toy News.

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