Survey says bicyclists are an increasingly safety conscious bunch

75% of cyclists think helmets should be compulsory

Safety has become an ever more important issue for cyclists, according to the results of the latest survey from cycle insurer 

The results, likely to be the cause of some controversy, found 75 per cent of cyclists thought helmets should be compulsory, up from 60 per cent last year. In 2010 40 per cent of cyclists said they ignored safety warnings and did not wear a helmet.

The survey also revealed the vast majority of cyclists – 87 per cent – now wear reflective clothing. In last year’s poll almost half of the respondents shunned reflective clothing in dark conditions

“Our survey results are very encouraging and are quite surprising,” said Cycleguard MD James Pickering. “We were not expecting to see such a remarkable change in attitudes towards safety in just one year! We hope people continue to become more safety conscious and wary of the dangers involved when cycling without helmets and reflective clothing.”

“We will repeat the survey again next year so we can gauge if attitudes towards safety continue to improve.” 

The poll size was 491 cyclists.

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