4iiii to showcase trackable power meter at Sea Otter Classic

4iiii Innovations and Chipolo have announced a free bike tracking feature, to be integrated onto a bike, which will be showcased at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic.

“At 4iiii, we continue with our commitment to add value to our products long after they have been purchased and we strive to protect the investment of our Triiiibe,” said Eric Gerstenbuher, 4iiii managing director. Effective April 10th, all models in the 4iiii Precision family of power meters, including Precision and Podiiiium models, will be “empowered to find your bike, fight theft, and grow the tracking network”.

The tracking functionality will show the last known location of the bike within the refreshed 4iiii app. To activate the tracking for a lost bike, riders will mark the power meter as ‘lost’, then any 4iiii or Chipolo apps on a smartphone in Bluetooth range will ‘ping’ the power meter on the bike.  When a phone successfully communicates with the lost bike it will send this location to the owner.

“Our mission is to give every product the power to be found. And with integrating Chipolo technology into the 4iiii Powermeter we are going one step forward. Chipolo is now available to integrators through the obvıous. app store to integrate into many diverse products,” said Chipolo CTO Jure Zdovc.

The refreshed app is currently available as iOS only, but will be released via Android in the near future. The new Chipolo tracking feature will work on all previously purchased 4iiii power meters. The Chipolo tracking feature on 4iiii power meters is enabled via the refreshed 4iiii app which became available from 1st April through the iOS app store, with the tracking feature available from 10th April to all 4iiii customers at no cost.

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