No, not really. The PR company currently contacting British bicycle businesses seems to have a kosher track record and there's no reason to believe it won't create a website containing Bike2Work-style information. No doubt the company will also write 2000 words on any company that coughs the £4750 plus VAT and those words will go on the 'parliamentary website'. But, remember, any damn fool can publish a website nowadays...

£4750 for 2000-word puff on ‘parliamentary website’: is it a scam?

Read this topic on the BBS, started by a miffed Nick Harvey of BikeWeek:…/read.php3?f=1&i=29774&t=29774

The company in question has been cold calling British bike suppliers and trying to get them to commit to spending a small fortune on an entry in a yet-to-be-published official-sounding website said to be "a guide to parliamentary and government initiatives, policies and legislation" and said to be linked to the Bike2Work initiative.

Harvey denies there’s any such link.

The "parliamentary website" – or is it Bike2Work itself? – is said to be a "very important initiative, which will outline and expand upon the Government’s strategy of encouraging Britons to live healthier and fitter lifestyles in keeping with its stated health targets. The program will examine the evident benefits of cycling to work with environment and the healthy living incorporating a well balanced diet, exercise, relaxation and regular health checks. This government initiative will clearly underline the manifold benefits of healthier living and its resulting effects upon improving quality of life in both the long and short term."

Is the ambiquity intentional? It’s hard to say but the information mentioned above is widely and freely available on official government websites.

When will this "parliamentary website" be published? Some time in 2004, apparently, but here’s clause 9 in the company’s terms and conditions:

"The Publisher gives no specific warranty that The Publication to which this order relates will be published and made available by any specific date and shall not be liable to you in the event of any delay in the issuing of The Publication."

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