Facebook group growing daily in support of new freestyle title

30,000 petition EA to make a BMX video game

A Facebook petition targetted at sports video game developer EA has reached 30,000 signatories, calling for it to develop a new freestyle BMX title.

The page has quickly gathered steam, with many users even producing concept cover artwork.

Activision, the publisher of the Matt Hoffman branded video game series and best selling series Call of Duty, recently released an Xbox live exclusive downloable Tony Hawk branded game, which experts on our sister title MCV believe would be the route to market taken by a developer if a game were to come to fruition, as opposed to a boxed retail unit.

Acclaim has gone out of business since publishing the last major freestlye game – Dave Mirra BMX 2.

When asked if the same engines and maps from exising Skate games could be used to essentially lower the budget and workload of producing a BMX title, MCV said that in theory it would be possible to lend elements of one title to another.

Interestingly, BikeBiz is aware that among BMX crowds Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 is still played regularly today, depsite being released over ten years ago in 2001. This may perhaps lend further credibility to the creation of a downloadable game, or at least updates to the existing product.

To add your signature to the petition, click here. While you’re on Facebook, you could also help tip BikeBiz over the 1,000 likes mark too.

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