3 West Design launches Halcyon

3 West Design has launched the Halcyon saddle.

It continues the company’s weight redistribution strategy, providing a dropped midsection and a “V” shaped notch for the perineum. 

The new saddle also introduces the “Comfort Surface”, a soft padded insert that runs the entire length of the nose.

Owner Jon Marceleno said: “Our approach to weight distribution has served us well with the Reprieve, now we’ve incorporated those attributes into another version using different materials to appeal to a different segment.”

The Halcyon also provides a lighter weight option at 252 grams in a standard width of 143 millimetres. 

The company’s saddles are designed in the U.S. and manufactured through a relationship with Velo of Taiwan.

Marceleno added: “Concentrating the cyclist’s weight on the sit area and putting no pressure against the soft tissue, is the hallmark of all our saddles and will continue to drive our future saddle developments for the cycling community.”

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