DH, Enduro and Trail Riding-aimed lines available to UK dealers

2WD to bring Selle San Marco’s Dirty to the trade

Selle San Marco’s new brand Dirty is aimed at DH, enduro and trail riding and will be distributed in the UK by 2Wheel-Distribution (2WD) for 2014.

2WD has been bringing their own brands O’Neal and Azonic into the UK (formerly with FLi Distribution) for a number of years and have recently set-up a 2WD UK office dedicated to supporting dealers and handling press relations.

John Firth is managing the 2WD portfolio in the UK. He said: “We’re excited to add the DIRTY San Marco brand to our portfolio and it complements our existing brands really well. Although DIRTY is new, it carries the long heritage of knowledge from Selle San Marco and our brands between them have 135 years of experience in the industry: O’Neal was established in 1970, Azonic 1989 and of course Selle San Marco in 1935.”

Davide Cionini, brand manager for Dirty at Selle San Marco in Italy, added: “For us at Selle San Marco it’s great to be teaming up with a distributor who really understands the passion and heritage that has helped to build the DIRTY collection. We’re looking forward to bringing the Selle San Marco tradition to a new generation of rider.

Dirty has three sub-categories in the range with each having been developed for the specific disciplines of DH, Enduro and Trail Riding. They have been working with Cedric Gracia and the CG Brigade as well as the Lifecycle Enduro Team to develop a range that is tailored made for Selle San Marco’s first foray into the more gravity side of the sport.


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