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2pure to distribute Osmo hydration to the bicycle trade

2pure has announce the addition of Osmo hydration to its distribution portfolio.

Not only does Osmo help athletes hydrate and therefore perform better, but it also help how people hydrate in their daily lives.

Dr Stacy Sims of Osmo said: “Athletes are falling short of their potential in power, aerobic capacity, endurance and mental acuity because they are consuming antiquated sports drinks."

Sims added: "Current sport drink products do not utilise leading science and fail because they hinder hydration. These sports drinks are slow to hydrate because either their carbohydrate solution is too high and they don’t utilise an optimised electrolyte composition or they rely just on electrolytes with no carbohydrate; neither which is physiologically ideal to actively move water into an athlete’s body.

"Recovery is often overlooked, thus the “After workout” protein drink becomes more about taste and marketing than function. Moreover, almost all companies claim to use science, but “under the hood”, they rely on pseudoscience."

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