High end event is to return in 2016

£27,000 Veloboo Gold bike features in Monte Carlo bike show

The Veloboo Gold, a snip at £27,400, and the McLaren S-Works Tarmac, retailing at £16,000, were among the pricey attractions at the first Monte Carlo-set LikeBike exhibition earlier this month.

Like most bike shows, LikeBike had bicycles made of carbon, titanium with a few wood and bamboo frames in the mix too. Unlike most other bike shows, LikeBike featured bikes embellished with golden, platinum and diamond details.

Some of the bikes on show were a touch more affordable, like the UK designed GoCycle (£2,799) and the aforementioned wooden framed bike, the Woodster, at £1,100. The private bike collection of HRH Albert II, Prince of Monaco, also on show at LikeBike, probably included some of the more pricey models.

The show has been set up to focus on exclusive products and companies in the industry and will return in 2016. www.likebikemc.com

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