A new survey by the AA finds that 22 percent of motorists get annoyed by "groups of cyclists".

22% of motorists annoyed by perfectly legal thing, finds AA

An AA-Populus poll has revealed that 22 percent of British motorists get annoyed by a perfectly legal thing. The perfectly legal thing is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people, especially on the weekends. The AA poll canvassed 21,877 AA members, and found that "groups of cyclists drove [nearly a quarter of them] mad."

According to an AA press release these motorists "resented" groups of cyclists on the roads, and when they happened upon such fellow road-users it was considered to be the second most "annoying aspect" of driving to a holiday destination. The number one pet-hate was the illegal activity of littering by motorists which was disliked by 29 percent of respondents.

As part of the release there were "summer safety tips" for motorists, including reminders about getting a car serviced, checking tyre treads, and keeping a windscreen clean. There was no mention of the fact cycling – including in groups – on all roads, except motorways, is a perfectly legal thing to do. (Naturally, the AA does not condone those members who get annoyed at the perfectly legal thing to do.)

Not all of the 22 percent of motorists who get hot under the collar at the perfectly legal thing that happens on roads will take out their anger by conducting "punishment passes" on those believed to be "in the way", but some will, and for those here are two videos that should be watched before joining that holiday traffic-jam:

Pic by Gerry Lynch, Wikipedia.

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