“20mph limits will save lives,” says Cycling UK

Cycling UK is backing a proposal to introduce 20mph limits in urban areas across Scotland and is urging MSPs to support it.

Green MSP Mark Ruskell’s lodged his Member’s Bill with the Scottish Parliament on 20 November, and already has cross-party support from 20 MSPs. The Proposed Restricted Roads Billl will be voted on next year at Holyrood, and if passed as legislation, will make Scotland’s streets safer, cleaner and healthier for communities in urban areas.

Cycling UK is asking MSPs across Scotland to support the bill proposal by December 19th, especially Liberal Democrat and Conservative MSPs, who to date have not added their backing to safer streets with lower speed limits.

The bill aims to improve road safety and tackle air pollution, while still giving local authorities the ability to set higher speeds on appropriate arterial roads. Cycling UK supports 20mph default limits in urban areas, because lower speeds lead to safer streets that are easier for cycling and walking and is one of the simplest ways to reduce road casualties.

Policy director at Cycling UK Roger Geffen said: "The adoption of 20mph as the default speed limit in urban and residential areas across Scotland is the opportunity to redefine the spaces between our homes, changing them from ‘roads’ to ‘streets’. With lower speeds, dangerous thoroughfares become public spaces where it’s easier to walk, cycle, socialise and play. We support Mark Ruskell’s 20mph bill and would encourage Scotland’s MSPs to lend their weight to it in advance of the vote next year.”

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