With BMX selling out all over the UK, this may be the final chance to get Christmas stock...

2009 DK Bikes land at Scoop

Scoop Distribution has just taken delivery of the new 2008 DK BMX Bikes.

With the majority of BMX bikes pre-sold ahead of Christmas, this may well prove to be the last opportunity to stock up.

This year is the 30th anniversary of DK Bikes and the range has been completley re-designed and all models have been re-branded with fresh new graphics. However, the range still includes the park, trails, street and race models.

Below is a link to the Scoop pdf catalogue


Also from DK, the ever-popular Random Wrench is in stock. The multi-tool consists of 5mm, 6mm allen keys, both 15mm and 17mm sockets, as well as a 15mm pedal spanner, socket spanner and spoke key built in to the cap.

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