Distributor's global reach sees O'Neal label available via 46 international partners

2-Wheel Distribution becomes O’Neal Europe

2-Wheel Distribution has changed its name to O’Neal Europe GmbH & Co. KG and will be responsible for all O’Neal international sales and marketing outside of: USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now a global business, O’Neal Europe boasts 46 distributors and manufacturing plants in five countries across the globe. Product development centers in: the USA, Australia, and Europe (based out of Germany) are ideally positioned to capture the wants and needs of MX and MTB riders globally.

Thomas Schwarz, 2Wheel-Distribution’s President, attributes 2WD’s success to satisfied retail partners. He said: “The basics are always the most important. Being able to deliver a quality product—on time—to your customers is where their satisfaction begins.”

European sales of the O’Neal brand have grown 700% since its inception in 2006.

On the product, Schwarz added: "We worked hard to develop and manufacture the O’Neal MTB and MX products that our end-consumers wanted and we trusted our retail partners to deliver the service they need.”

O’Neal Europe’s sales team now consists of 28 agents, four country managers, one export manager, and six in-house sales agents. Languages spoken are: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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