A survey done for Shimano has revealed that 14 percent of Brits believe e-bikes will kill off standard bikes.

14% of Brits believe e-bikes will replace standard bikes, says Shimano

According to a survey done for Shimano, 14 percent of Britons believe e-bikes will kill off standard bikes. The survey was an online questionnaire, conducted via OnePoll, amongst 1000 UK consumers, held in April this year, and was commissioned by Shimano’s London-based PR company.

The survey – done to promote Shimano’s STEPS e-bike system – also states that 25 percent of Brits would "love to use an e-bike for recreational purposes on the weekends and holidays."

"E-bikes allow riders to delve into nature and experience the thrill of covering long distances, across difficult terrain without bursting their lungs," says a press release introducing the survey.

"22% truly appreciate being able to maintain a constant speed, even with a strong wind or climbing a hill," continues the press release, "making it easy for everyone to test their skills on gravel paths and forest roads and still end the day full of energy or have energy left over to really attack the trails on the way down."

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