SRAM's acquisition of Zipp doesn't alter UK distribution

Zipp locked into Saddleback

"Since the announcement was made at the end of September concerning SRAM’s acquisition of Zipp there has been some rumour throughout the industry as to whether there would be a change of distributor in the UK as a result, as was the case with the other brands SRAM have acquired," said Andy Wigmore of Saddleback.

"However, SRAM and Zipp have confirmed that Saddleback will remain the exclusive UK distributor up to 2009 and we’re assuming we continue in the same way far beyond.

Andy Ording, President of Zipp, said:

“As we look into the future our choice of business partners remains one of the most important decisions we can make in every market worldwide. In the UK market Saddleback has proven to be a very capable company with a well established network of dealers who have already proven their ability to support the Zipp brand at retail. We think this is of critical importance as we go forward."

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