Bikerumor promotes Overholt

Zach Overholt becomes managing editor of Bikerumor

Bikerumor founder Tyler Benedict has promoted Zach Overholt to managing editor of the bike-tech blog, putting him in charge of all freelance and full-time contributors.

Overholt began contributing to Bikerumor in 2010 as a freelance writer. In January 2013, he started in a full time position as tech editor.

Overholt said: "I got involved while managing a bike shop after making it a part of my daily ritual to stay on top of what was new, and it is extremely rewarding talking to other bike people across the world who have a similar story. Our growth has come with a few valuable lessons that we, as an organisation, have had to learn the hard way. But we have always used any mistakes as opportunities to improve."

Benedict adds: “As we’ve grown from a scrappy little website into the world’s largest cycling tech blog, we’ve really had to tighten up our process. It didn’t always happen fast enough, but the careful oversight Zach provides is a key part of ensuring our editorial lives up to the highest standards."

The role for Overholt will free Benedict to focus on feature stories, developing more European coverage and managing growth.

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