Bored of steel, alloy and titanium? Feel that carbon fibre is just so passé? How about a bike made from transparent polycarbonate? The I-Cycles cruiser is from Australia and has frame struts modelled on the Sydney harbour bridge. It’s also available in coloured polycarbonate or plywood, but it’s the see-through version that will turn most heads. Unless, of course, you've got the laser-cut frame in the shape of a Matisse nude...

You’ll see through this idea straight away

“This bike will transform you from simply a person on a bike to The Person on The Bike. You will be charged with charm, your ego massaged, you’ll feel like a spokesperson for the avant garde, and for a while you’ll even suffer under the delusion that your popularity actually has something to do with yourself. It doesn’t. All is due to the amazing invisible bike,” said Oz writer Syd Winer in the latest issue of esoteric British bike magazine, Velo Vision of York.

Winer got to test the amazing see-through bike. It’s still being fine-tuned but early adoptors can buy I-Cycles from the Sydney-based designer, Selena Griffith, an industrial designer.

The frames are laser and water cut from sheet polycarbonate or marine plywood. The wooden bike can be stained, painted or polished. Each bike is tailor-made with frames delivered flat for home assembly or they can be built up at extra cost at the factory.

The wooden bikes are lighter than the polycarbonate: 9 to 11kg for the wood bikes, 15 to 18kg for plastic.

Production bikes will be three or four kilos lighter.

Other designs are offered including a frame inspired by a Matisse painting, ‘Blue Nude’, a bike to hang on the wall with pride (perfect for arty bike-shops!)

In his VeloVision article Winer said: “The I-cycle is not cheap, not fast, not light and not like any other bike you’ve ever seen. You’re paying for the fun quotient, to own something unique, and quite simply, to attract one hell of a lot of attention to yourself.”

Prices for the frames start at about $1250 Australian Dollars (around £460, Euro 750, US$675) for plywood, $200 (£75, Euro120, US$110) more for polycarbonate. Shipping is extra.

I-Cycles Designs is seeking UK and European distributors.


I-Cycle Designs Pty Ltd, 204/20 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point 2010, Sydney, Australia. Tel +61 2 8354 0366 Fax + 61 2 9332 3099



The current issue of Peter Eland’s magazine has an article about handcycling in Canada, a new carbon-fibre folding bike, a free bike scheme which actually works, tests of the Dahon SpeedPro and a British Eagle town bike, courier bags and a review of a recent smallish trade show in Germany which majors in innovative and specialised cycles.

The magazine is sold in around 30 countries, including US and Canada.

“ I get contributors (and advertisers) from all round the world. The whole magazine has a very international feel to it, something I encourage,” said Eland.

“It’s great to bring together case studies of practical applications of cycling, or of cycle promotion, from around the world. People in one country can inspire another group elsewhere with their ideas.”

Velo Vision Magazine has a cover price of £6, and is sold to IBDs firm sale at £2.50 per copy including shipping, minimum order five copies. Or get a trade subscription for £20. Limited advertising space is also available.

Tel: 01904 438 224


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