...so long as they're singlespeeds. Bikes with front-and-rear mechs may be in short supply but On-One is happy to report its 05 singlespeed bikes dock this week

You can have as many bikes as you like…

While other suppliers fret as key bikes remain, mech-less, in Asian factories, On-One’s singlespeed bikes are available.

"It’s almost like we did it on purpose," said On-One’s Brant Richards, a rare animal: a supplier with a full line-up of bikes.

"We’re looking for forward thinking dealers to carry our stock."

On-One is looking to set up dealers in exclusive territories, particularly "down south," said Richards.

"We get people emailing about wanting to see our frames all the time, but as we’re pretty much northern based, we tend to rely on friendly customers offering people rides on their bikes. It’d be far better to get together with on-the-ball shops and convert these people over."






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