John Stevenson has joined Brant Richards at Planet X. Both were early hires on MBUK. Read on for a funny press release…

Yorkshire MTB mafia reunited at Planet X

In October John Stevenson was made redundant from his job as editor-in-chief of cycling publications at Future Publishing. He has now joined Planet X as the company’s head of marketing.

In the late 1980s Stevenson was one of the first hires at MBUK and was later joined by Brant Richards. Richards now works for Planet X.

Stevenson has crafted a witty press release. It ends with a disclaimer:

"Statements in this release that are not based on historical fact, sworn forensic science or the Second Law of Thermodynamics may be forward-looking statements. Such statements are based on management’s current guesses, whims and half-baked ideas and as such are about as reliable as examining the entrails of a chicken or asking a bloke down the pub. We therefore caution that such forward-looking statements should be treated with deep skepticism, not to say contempt, unless accompanied by a pinky promise. Actual future reality may differ dramatically from the desperately rosy predictions contained in forward-looking statements."

Here’s the release:


After ‘putting the band back together’ earlier this year with the return of designer Brant Richards, Planet X Bikes continues to bring the bike industry’s stray Yorkshiremen back where they belong by recruiting former bike journalist John Stevenson as head of marketing.

The Sheffield-based online retailer, home of the On-one and Titus brands, as well its eponymous road bikes, has been through a period of unprecedented growth in the last few years as riders have sought out its combination of quality and value for money.

“We’ve tripled turnover in the last few years without really making much noise,” says Planet X owner Dave Loughran. “Imagine what might happen if we actually try and draw attention to ourselves? So we’ve hired John because he’s loud and hard to miss. And every bike company needs someone on the staff who laughs like Basil Brush.”

“I’m chuffed to bits to be working with Dave and Brant,” says John. “I’ve known Dave since the days of PowerBar magazine covermounts, and gave Brant his first bike shop Saturday job, so you could say we’ve got history. I’ve been a fan of Planet X’s bikes for years. I even bought an SL Team frame a couple of months ago as my winter bike.”

John will continue to be based in the South of England “so Dave and Brant don’t have to come down here. The money and sunshine make them nervous.”

John has over 25 years in the cycling media, including stints on Mountain Biking UK, Australian Mountain Bike, and Following the classic trajectory of 20-something mountain biker to 40-something roadie he is looking forward to getting a Planet X N2a when they arrive next year.

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