eGlove of the UK is seeking bike shop stockists for its gloves with conductive finger tips

Xmas gift for the cyclist with everything? Smartphone bike gloves

Cyclists who train in the cold and use monitoring, tracking or navigation smartphone apps will appreciate the eGlove.

There are three weights: there’s a lightweight glove, a cold weather glove and a ski glove. All feature conductive thumb and forefinger pads so users can still operate smartphones.

Such pads are also on gloves from the likes of Biologic and North Face.

The eGlove Xtreme range has been designed for sub zero temperatures when taking your gloves off to answer or use a phone is not an option.

Made from a smooth fleece-backed fabric, the Xtreme eGlove also contains a toweling strip along the back of the forefinger and thumb to remove brow sweat. 

eGloves also feature Tron-like grippy silicon palms and digits for gripping handlebars, and smartphones.

A snug fit is important for accuracy so the eGloves are available in different sizes to maximize touchscreen accuracy.

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