The cover of the December BicycleBusiness features two pictures that have led to complaints from traditionalist Christians. One of them features an alabaster Nativity scene with the baby Jesus being presented not with gold, but with a MongoosePro BMX. The other shows a Magi presenting the bike along with a cycle helmet. For the benefit of this site's international readers, and who want to know what all the fuss is about, here are the light-hearted pictures. And get ready for an exegetical analysis of the original New Testament texts as the editor of BicycleBusiness - I've got a degree in religious studies! - attempts to demonstrate why a nativity-scene spoof should not offend open-minded Christians...

Xmas BikeBiz cover causes religious ructions

Three emails of complaint have been received so far, the day of the December mag’s publication. And a non-Christian has kicked off a bulletin board debate about the suitability of the chosen cover pix.

The idea for the cover was two-fold: feature an instantly recognisable Christmas scene (but without reindeers, Santa’s or robins) and link in the article about getting more children on to bicycles by starting them riding earlier, and you can’t get much earlier than birth.

However, those traditionalist Christians who claim to be offended by the cover shots should click through to the bulletin board thread below where BikeBiz editor Carlton Reid expounds on his reasons why the images do not disparage Christianity’s central tenets:

"Go read the New Testament. You think there’s one single story of three wise men following a star, and shepherds, and no room at the inn and the baby Jesus laid in a manger, and a dramatic flight to Egypt, escaping from a massacre of children by King Herod? Hoh no, think again…"

And you thought this was a bike trade website?…/read.php3?f=1&i=2937&t=2922

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