The Exposure 700x 30c and 34c tyres will be released at the Taipei Cycle Show.

WTB expands range of high-end road tyres at Taipei

WTB is launching its Exposure 700x 30c and 34c tyres at Taipei Cycle Show. 

Aiming for road tyres that quicken the pace, yet hold it together when a ride veers from smooth surfaces, WTB’s Exposure 700 x 30c and 34c tyres are being launched today at day one of Taipei Cycle Show. Additionally, WTB is providing a first look at its versatile and fast rolling Riddler 700 x 37c and 45c tyres during the show, bringing the proven Riddler tread pattern to gravel explorers or cyclocross race bikes.

Road Plus

The Horizon Road Plus tyre promises supple plus-size traction and smooth riding characteristics, featuring a smooth centerline and all-weather herringbone pattern with cornering channels. High-volume road provides a svelte performance on pavement, WTB said, with resiliency that isn’t shaken by dusty dirt roads. 

Road Plus retains the same geometry as existing endurance road bikes but adds a high volume, tubeless 650b wheel and tyre in place of a 700c. With the 650b x 47c Horizon Plus having the same overall diameter as a 700 x 28c tyre, it only requires a little more chainstay clearance than a traditional road tyre.

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