Mellow Johnny's of Austin, Texas, is to open an e-commerce section on its website

World soon able to buy from Lance’s bike shop

Mellow Johnny’s is owned by Lance Armstrong.

The shop is big into racing bikes, of course, but it’s also a lynchpin of the Austin bike to work community. For a dollar a day, the shop’s Downtown Bike Station offers bike storage, day locker, shower, towel, soap "and an easy commuting experience."

The shop recently started posting to

"Lots of big stuff coming from MJ’s in the next few weeks including a brand new website. It’s been a long time in the works. We will be launching our web sales site very very soon. It will bring MJ’s gear to those that can’t get by."

Many members of the shop’s staff also post, individually, to Twitter, the 140-character microblogging platform. has an ever expanding list of bike-related ‘Tweeters’, including @MellowJohnnys.

The list currently has 105 names, including pro racers, shops, bike suppliers, advocacy, charities, races, blogs, and mags. Riders include Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Dave Zabriskie, and Ivan Basso.

Tom Boonen and Alberto Contador on were outed as fakes but Lance Armstrong has confirmed the identities of other famous racers on Twitter. He calls them and then Twitters the results.

If you want to get on the BikeBiz list of Tweeters, contact executive editor Carlton Reid.

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